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Redefining the future of logistics

About 7 principles of
digital freight forwarding
Learning and adapting is the key to survive and thrive. This year started with unprecedented existential challenges which pushed human collective effort to new levels. Shippers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors and carriers made physical adjustments to ensure flow of critical cargo but this must be accompanied by technological advancements if one wants to thrive in the future.
Amid the ongoing chaos, the global supply chain professionals must remove inefficiencies and aim to become resilient.
We started Containity because we want to redefine the future of logistics by offering trusted freight forwarding services along with free personalized digital tools adoption advice. We wrote this manifesto because we believe by sharing our knowledge about digital transformation freely we are learning twice, so we hope this matches your vision and don't hesitate to contact us to improve the content.

About Technological transformation should advocate logistics professionals One size does not fit all. This same logic applies to business management systems and freight services. Standardizing operations and automating workflow is inevitable but we believe such innovations should adjust to individual needs instead of individual needs having to adjust to innovations.

We believe in building products that are human-friendly, so we personalize freight as well as software development services that ensure a precise delivery with a single point of contact, giving control to you on every step of the way.
Learning from and listening to customers is at the core of Containity team because we analyze all the processes happening inside the organization and digitize them to make moving freight effortless for ourselves and transparent for our customers.
“It is relatively easy to design for the perfect cases, when everything goes right, or when all the information required is available in proper format.”

- Don Norman, author of The design of everyday things.

1. Build systems for humans 2. Learn, empathize, evolve

About Create a strong digital foundation for supply chain and logistics professionals Freight Forwarding industry is changing rapidly. Our goal is to be part of this transformation and help others overcome anxieties of change.

We believe the concept of change is a balancing act and we learned that change occurs when we collaboratively find ways to make the forces promoting change greater than the forces blocking the change.
“Methodology is intuition reconstructed in tranquility”

- Paul Lazarsfeld.

This decade alone, the number of forwarders has grown exponentially. Competition is the great equalizer. We love the challenges because we are naturally competitive, but the growing number of legacy forwarders have made supply chains opaque and ineffective.

We focus primarily on delivering quality for your time and investments by replacing complex processes and disconnected systems with technology that supports informed decision making for you and productivity for your team and customers.
3. Believe in the journey 4. Learn, empathize, evolve

About Continuous collaboration and innovation make supply chains antifragile We believe that before having an opinion on something, we must first have to observe in silence, listen carefully and understand the underlying problems, and experience it.

That is why we have put technology and logistics professionals under one roof to help shippers, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and many others interact better and help them improve why they act the way they do.
Since we are part of the technological transformation happening right now, educating ourselves is one thing, but the difference between Containity and other forwarders is that we are not only just offering freight forwarding services, we also educate our customers free of charge about how they can be more efficient and effective while managing their logistics and supply chains.
“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes determining the proper questions to ask”

- Albert Einstein.

5. Observe and listen 6. Understand and analyze

About The right questions can change the status quo Good process is based on iterations. As a digital-first company, we cut through the hype and improve one process at a time. Yes, it takes time, but it is worth it. Our entire business management platform is one giant work-in-progress which connects the physical dots with digital innovations.

Life and work at Containity is always an ongoing conversation about innovation because forwarding freight is constantly evolving. It is a dialogue of - this is where we are now - this is what we are doing - this is how it will improve life for customers - and here are our next steps.  
We welcome you to join this dialogue and build the future of logistics together.

- Containity Team

7. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate
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About Thank you for reading containity manifesto. We trust the Salesforce Platform because it empowers developers and builders like us to quickly build and deploy trusted cloud applications that are rock solid, secure, and scalable without worrying about hardware provisioning or application stacks.

The Salesforce platform is already an enterprise platform. It was designed to store enormous amounts of sales leads and customer data, handle many users across many companies, and drive the development of even more applications. Containity Cloud ERP is built on these capabilities.
Our Secret Sauce
We hope our vision matches your own. Contact us "Innovation is better together, let's get in touch and improve Ocean & Rail Freight powered by smart technology and professionals."

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